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  • Even if it's a working title, tell us the name you've given your project.
  • Please give a short description of your project - tell us about the project's aims, ambitions and activities.
  • Tell us what difference you're trying to make to people's lives - what makes the project bigger than you? What impact would you like to have? Who will benefit and how? Is there any link to the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What have you done so far? How have you started to translate your idea into action? It's absolutely fine if you're in the very early stages, we're looking for small steps that show the project is actually happening. Equally, you might be much further down the line - we'd still love to here what you've been up to.
  • Tell us what you need to make a bigger difference in the world. Don't hold back, it could be anything from: skills, connections, insight, advice, feedback, co-workers, collaborators, a dilemma you're struggling with or an injection of enthusiasm - we're here to support you. The diversity of our community and it's inherent serendipity never fails to surprise and delight by offering something unexpected!
  • Any questions you'd like to ask us?