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Paul’s letter to his 18 month old daughter

Dear Emily,

You can’t yet read nor understand what daddy is saying but as you grow and learn about the world, you’ll hear about climate change and its effects more and more. You will find out if the world has met the 20C target by 2050 and feel the consequences more than I do if has not. Most news you read and hear about it will be bad news; this is what sells newspapers and gets tv ratings. Do not be downhearted or overwhelmed, you cannot solve all the world’s problems so do not try.

If I have one piece of advice for you to carry you through your life it is to always be curious. Ask questions, learn, find out about things, talk to people. There are very few people you cannot learn something from or, who cannot learn something from you. And as you learn, question that knowledge. Be critical and demanding of it, be certain of its validity. But if it makes sense, then take hold of it, use it, be creative, be passionate. Don’t be afraid to have ideas and tell people about them. They will listen and follow you. You will find people just like you who can and want to do good and help the world. It doesn’t matter what language they speak, what they look like, how much education or money they have. They will all want to be part of something bigger than themselves and you should too.

Be brave, take risks, do things, be excited and be happy. If your dad’s brain still works then you can ask him when you’re stuck. If he doesn’t know or can’t help then ask your mum, she probably will! Finally, if you could me a ticket to the first meeting of the Mars chapter of LOPO that would be great. Oh and don’t forget to recycle or your mum’s birthday.

I’ll always be holding your hand, lots of love always,

Daddy xxx