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Olivia’s letter to the future

When I think about the future, I sometimes feel a bit helpless. I work for a huge corporation and we talk a lot about big megatrends that will disrupt our business. The focus is on what we can do to be ready for that future. I find it quite daunting and, at the same time, very uninspiring. I want to take back some control and shape the future that I’d like to see.

I want to help redefine the economy through values-led business. Life is about health, happiness and wellbeing. So let’s put more ‘value’ on those.

When I think about the future I’d like to be a part of, there are two things I’d like to see: firstly let’s obliterate the concept of waste. ‘Resource scarcity’ is a bit of a tall tale. In actual fact we have an abundance of materials and we need to start rewarding creativity. Less of the doom and gloom please! I also want to bring back community. I see a future where we know our neighbours; you might even have the odd conversation on the tube.

I’m inspired by social enterprises and the people creating and scaling their solutions. Two great examples are Rubies in the Rubble and North London Cares.

Rubies challenges the notion of ‘waste’ by seeing the value in all fruit and veg grown and rescuing produce that would be otherwise be discarded

North London Cares breaks down barriers by connecting young people with their elderly neighbours to re-establish a local community.

I started this letter with ‘I sometimes feel helpless’. When I hear about solutions like these, I don’t. They represent a better future and it’s something to feel positive about.