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Bill’s Letter – A Public Order Directorate




“Dearest Theresa, this must be a scary but you need to focus! This is evidence, the last words of a dying man, Nigel is dead and by the time you hear this so shall I. Please listen carefully and forward to Public Order Directorate, the POD, That makes me feel old, I remember when we called them the Plod, the Police, the name has changed but the job hasn’t, this will save them a lot of trouble.

Nigel stabbed me, I shall bleed out soon, I don’t blame him. He was really upset and were I his age I may have done the same, it was a crime of passion and it’s reassuring in a way that that he felt so strongly, so strongly that he then shot himself, he’s sat in the chair opposite me and he will be the last person I see.

I want to say I’m sorry for two things, it feels a bit like confession you won’t remember that, the churches disappeared while you were a child, you have Social Media instead, what a thing that is …

Firstly I am sorry that you must hear my last words and share them with strangers, please know that I loved you. Don’t come in to the house, let the PoD do their thing and tidy us up, you won’t want to see us like this.

Secondly you are now alone, it must be scary but it won’t be for long, you’re a fine woman. Things will seem dark and bleak now, I’m very sorry for that but believe me that’ll pass and no matter how hopeless it seems now things will get better, time does heal, give yourself time.
Think on this, I came from poverty, I was lucky to be loved by my parents but they were unlucky to be poor and Irish in England at a time when it was fine for an employer or landlord to advertise with a caveat that “Blacks and Irish need not apply.” We got by on the charity of others and as a kid I never thought I’d live in a Palace but I did.

I was front seat on some historic events. My service in Northern Ireland was spent in fear of my life, no one ever thought there’d be peace but they hoped, now look at the place; it’s booming in a different way. We have even had a sneak dirty weekend break there, remember that? It’s one of my treasured memories… Swimming in the Atlantic I wouldn’t have done that as a lad, the upside of a warmer planet.

There was the Brexit thing, most of the opinion formers said it would be a disaster and predicted doom and gloom, yet we met on May Day, 1st of October! Who’d have thought she’d have had three parliaments? I recall when Mayday was in May and a time of anti social, socialist riots! Now it’s the Birthday of your namesake Tess.

We met in Farage Square, that was once Trafalgar Square. That move away from the hegemony of the European Union started a chain reaction that within a decade or so saw the EU became a memory, the member states looked inward for identity and outward for business, the following deregulation meant people could trade globally but live locally.

The wonder of the World Wide Web. Free information was the key to freedom of movement and trade, social media allowed immediate and crippling censure of organisations and people behaving against the best interests humanity and the planet. I’m glad Tim Berners Lee got the Fourth Plinth in Farage Square.

It turned out the fear was the fear of change. I’ve lived in a time of fear Tess; hunger, poverty, disease, war, fear these are words you understand differently than I. Change came and it will be ever thus, it’s nearly always for the better in the long run because basically there’ll always be people that are driven to make that happen. Don’t despair, be optimistic. Things always get better. It’s evolution, the natural order tends to improvement.

Even in my death and it is getting darker now, my eyes are dimming, I am rather joyful, my end shall be an ambition for many … you must have this written on my stone:

Bill Callaghan

Poet, Historian, Soldier, Playboy

Murdered by a Jealous Husband

Aged 110

I lived to Inspire”