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Letters to the future

To make the world better, we think it’s really important that each and every one of us has a chance to articulate our view on the future we’d like to see. So one of our project’s at LOPO calls for ‘Letters to the future’.

It gives you an opportunity to think about what the future means to you; how you and the future get along; what it would mean to be part of changing things for the better; and, what a better future could look like?

Read some of the letters, we’ve heard so far:

Bill’s letter to the future

Charlie’s letter (where the idea came from, thanks Charlie)

Chloe’s letter to the future

Olivia’s letter to the future

Paul’s letter to his 18 month old daughter

Rob’s letter – Grass roots with digital shoots

Tom’s letter – Home Sweet Homeostasis

Would you like to write a letter to the future? Contact us.