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LOPO Lab #9, Tuesday 30th May

It’s a Ma-tt-er of principle when it comes to the materials that make our clothes. At the end of May, we were delighted to host Seetal Solanki as an inspiring speaker at our LOPO event on Clothing. Seetal is a Materials Conservationist and the Founder of Ma-tt-er, a research studio, platform and consultancy that explores […]

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London Lab #7, Tuesday 29th November

LOPO’s annual recap and the unintentional Gold Hall of fame It’s twenty to three on the day of our event, Tom and I have spent a decent amount of time preparing for this one, it’s the last lab of the year. We’re going to look back over what we’ve achieved as a community and celebrate […]

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London Lab #6, Tuesday 25th October

Co-habitation: housing and communities. Dear pragmatic optimists, Two weeks ago, we met for LOPO lab #6 where we explored questions and solutions around the current housing crisis in London. We went deeper too, sharing thoughts and feelings about cohabitation, community, ownership and what makes a home. Thanks to Will Mercer from the Trampery who kicked […]

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London Lab #5, Tuesday 20th Sepember

The future of work. Here’s a review of what happened at the last LOPO – just in case you didn’t make it. We had a great evening talking about the Future of Work as part of the Service Design Fringe Festival, which ran at the end of September. Thanks to the team there for including […]

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London Lab #4, Tuesday 28th June

The great recovery. In the midst of economic turmoil and growing mountains of literal and political rubbish, is there room for optimism in the UK? Yes, absolutely – we need it now more than ever. This is what we got up to at LOPO London Lab #4: designing a future without waste, sustainable fashion, the […]

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London Lab #3, Tuesday 24th May

The Girl Effect. What an evening we had at our latest London Lab on Tuesday 24th May. We talked dreamy visions and tips on how-to have an unashamed optimism of ambition – …seeing what this means for real when girls determine their own past, present and futures here in London and across the world. Howard […]

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London Lab #2, Tuesday 19th April

London went LOPO again this week! We got tips on how to ‘think like an engineer’, while getting involved with two great projects, one on community bread-making and the other on developing a yearbook for the next 50 years. Chris Baker-Brian, the co-founder of BBOXX, shared his tips how to turn an idea with social impact […]

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London Lab #1, Tuesday 22nd March

London held its first LOPO Lab after the reboot! We journeyed into the future with Mark, heard a letter to the future and got some tips on how to change the world with John-Paul Flintoff. Then we got into action with three great projects: Funding ecological farming Ecological farming works with nature to produce food. It […]

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LOPO London is back – March, April, May

The LOPO Jedi are back! Be part of the future trilogy in LONDON. We’re hosting 3 LOPO Labs in London over the next 3 months. Our first event is on World Water Day on Tuesday 22nd March. London LOPOers can sign up here. If you can’t make the first one, there are two more dates […]

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LONDON LOPO – 27th October

It’s time for LOPO London to convene again! Another night engineered for serendipity. LOPO has been continually growing since our last meeting in the spring. We have some great projects, listed below, all laudable, innovative causes that will benefit with feedback from a room full of some of London’s most likeable pragmatic optimists (including you)? […]

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