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London Lab #1, Tuesday 22nd March

London held its first LOPO Lab after the reboot! We journeyed into the future with Mark, heard a letter to the future and got some tips on how to change the world with John-Paul Flintoff. Then we got into action with three great projects:

Funding ecological farming

Ecological farming works with nature to produce food. It uses less water than traditional farming techniques, while locking CO2 back into the top soil. Omar wants to set up a crowd-funding platform to get more money behind ecological farming.

Obonjan Island

Obonjan island is one island, with infinite possibilities. Tom’s helping regenerate marine life around the island.


LOPO is a project too. Help us reboot in London and grow the community.


Serendipity worked its magic and there were some great offers made by the London community in support of these projects. Thanks to all the LOPOlogists who took part. We had a blast!

If you’d like to know more – get in touch.

Our next micro-adventure into the future coming v soon on Tuesday 19th April:)