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What’s happening at LOPO?

A good few of you have been asking (and rightly so) ‘what’s happened to LOPO?’

Here’s the update.

We feel we’ve done our ‘beta’ with the meetings in London – and now have a good idea where we want to go next and the infrastructure this will require: most notably a collaborative web-space to allow LOPO projects to live online.

We now know that LOPO helps projects thrive – just look at The Indigo Mind Machine one of the projects that got a boost from the London meetings.

So, LOPOists from LOPO London and LOPO Wellington, New Zealand (who include the awesome people at Mohawk Media) are working together to find the right technology and bring it together to create the online collaboration and innovation space we need. This is taking longer than we’d like but we also feel that having more chapter meetings at this stage will just get us at the same point we’re already at – and we want to create a worldwide movement. That requires a good web-space.

In short, we’d like to launch LOPO Madrid, LOPO Singapore, LOPO Sydney, LOPO New York (and all the rest) with a good platform from the ‘get go’.

So, to (mis)quote Monty Python: LOPO isn’t dead, it’s not even resting… but we’re aware a lot of you want to meet again. We assure you, you will…. And we thank you for you enthusiasm for LOPO and your patience with the web-space team.