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Year of LOPO

Dear LOPOists!

Many of you have been asking about what is happening at LOPO HQ following our test meeting in London in October. Already people are champing at the bit to open chapters across the world, from Singapore to Sydney, Madrid to Manchester. In addition we’ve had approaches from various other organisations who share a similar ethos to ours and want to collaborate.

The debut London LOPO was a huge success, with several projects already kicked off (updates on each of which will be given when the chapter reconvenes in the new year). However, it became very clear to us after the meeting that LOPO might fall over very quickly if we tried to grow it without a little web and admin structure behind it.

So, right now, we’re trying to find the funds (or the friendly developers) who can build us a web-based LOPOspace to host projects online (do get in touch if you can help with either). When we have something ready we’ll feel confident to unleash the LOPO ethos worldwide – and we hope to do this in the first quarter of 2012.

In the meantime, the London chapter will continue to meet because a) they want to get together again b) they can help bootstrap the wider LOPO organization.

That London Chapter will meet again on the evening of Thursday 26th January, and we’ll be having some special LOPO-like guests coming over from Denmark to join us and tell us about what they do. We’ll send out an eventbrite meeting in the new year so people can reserve places – but for now, if you’re in London, keep the date free.

On a personal note, can I say it’s been an incredible year – and I did not expect the end of it to see us launching such an amazing group of do-ers. 2012 will be the year of LOPO.