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The League of Pragmatic Optimists (LOPO) is a meeting place in cities and towns across the globe where people who want to make the world better can meet, generate ideas and projects, get inspiration and a recharge, find collaborators and have their neurons tickled in the cause of improving the story of humanity. Another way of looking at it is as an exercise in “engineered serendipity” – a mechanism for diverse people and ideas to bump into each other and create (and deliver) projects that aim to improve things. Local chapters meet at regular intervals to free themselves from day-to-day organisational or mental silos, and network in an inspiring atmosphere of do-ers.

Our 8 Principles

Our 8 Principles

"Judge your value not by what you own, but by what you create."


Have an unashamed optimism of ambition

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Involve yourself in projects that are bigger than you

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Engineer serendipity

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You are what you do, not what you intend to do

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Making mistakes is OK, but not trying is irresponsible

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Commit to evidence - also known as 'Think like an engineer, not like a politician'

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You will lose a lot (in the beginning) - also know as 'Play the long game'

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Police your own cynicism

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It’s time for LOPO London to convene again! Another night engineered for serendipity. LOPO has been continually growing since our last meeting in the spring. We have some great projects, listed below, all laudable, innovative causes that will benefit with feedback from a room full of some of London’s most likeable pragmatic optimists (including you)? […]

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